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“Quality is at the heart of our company policy and our hallmark”

Food quality is at the heart of our company policy and our hallmark. We strive to ensure that all our products comply with hygiene and health standards.

Our company policy is committed to continuous improvement and excellence in complying with the most demanding certifications, both national and international.

All our products are subjected to a dual quality control process, which involves internal and external controls implemented by specialised independent laboratories. This is why we are sure that our products are of the highest quality, hygiene and safety.

Carpisa strives for excellence in its “farm to fork” concept, and we insist on:

  • Quality audits on our meat suppliers to ensure comprehensive traceability of our produce.
  • Strict quality control in the production of our products.
  • Quality and Food Safety Verification Systems in our production processes (reception, food handling practices, cold chain, expiration dates, cleaning and disinfection of facilities, training, etc.).
  • Training our employees in a culture of commitment to quality.
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Specific quality-control department
with a team of 17 people.

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2 external audits per month
and 1 quarterly internal audit.

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More than 3,000 physico-chemical and
microbiological analyses per month.


The demand for food security is growing every day. Consumers and authorities are increasingly demanding safe, high-quality food.

For this reason, Carpisa meets the most demanding quality standards and is able to reach the highest standards of excellence in the BRC and IFS certifications every year.

Committed to the quality and diversity of our products, Carpisa has positioned itself as a leader in the Halal sector, obtaining the Halal Guarantee Certificate issued each year by the Halal Institute of Cordoba (Islamic Board of Spain).

In addition, we have been working for the European markets for several years with the certification and control company Halal Achahada.

Our products also have the ‘M Producto Certificado’ certification mark, granted by the Regional Community of Madrid.

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We develop unique products to respond to the new needs, preferences and expectations of consumers and customers. All this under the responsibility of our Executive Chef


The Beef Kitchen Lab is a pioneering centre in R&D&I applied to the world of meat with 3 work areas:

  • Kitchen-laboratory for the R&D of food products.
  • Production area with our own workshop.
  • Area for quality tests and tastings.

At Carpisa, we work to be leaders in the meat sector, investing in research on market needs, prioritising consumer tastes and updating our production processes to accommodate new product lines.

Carpisa is relentless in R&D, as research and development is essential to offer competitive services in the market and satisfy the needs and demands of our customers.

We are constantly looking for processes, systems and products that adapt to the needs of the market and the industry.

This is why Carpisa focuses on quality, investing in the continuous research and development of new recipes, ingredients, packaging, formats, new product lines and how to adapt to different markets and tastes.

Carpisa’s main R&D lines can be summarised as follows:


Technological improvement in how our products are made.

Design and development of new products, as well as the continuous improvement of product lines currently on the market, adapting to the needs and demands of consumers.

Expansion and specialisation of our range of gourmet, premium and artisanal products, placing our trust in meat from officially recognised quality brands.

Development of a new customer loyalty system through products focused on their needs, encouraging customers to identify with the quality of our product line.

Diversification of our product lines, increasing the curiosity of consumers in our diverse market offer.

Development of new formats and packaging for the promotion of products traditionally presented in other formats.